Celebrating Community and New Beginnings at the WSNA Spring Fling!

The Washington Square Neighborhood Association recently hosted the (WSNA) Potluck Spring Fling, an event that brought together our vibrant community to celebrate and connect with one another. It was a day filled with laughter, delicious food, and a strong sense of camaraderie. We wanted to take a moment to recap this memorable occasion and highlight the exciting results of our elections, which will shape the future of our neighborhood.

A Day of Togetherness: The WSNA Spring Fling was a great example of the power of community. Old and new neighbors gathered at Washington Square Park, creating an atmosphere of warmth and friendship. As neighbors mingled and shared stories, it was evident that our neighborhood is not just a place to live but a true community that cares for and supports one another.

Delicious Delights: The potluck spread was a gastronomic delight! Our talented neighbors showcased their culinary skills, bringing a variety of mouthwatering dishes to the table. From homemade treats to family recipes each bite was a testament to the diverse flavors and talents within Washington Square.

Elections Results: Amidst the festivities, we held our annual WSNA elections to determine the leaders who will guide us forward. We are thrilled to announce the newly elected members of our WSNA board:

Newly Elected WSNA Vice President and President

  • President: Chinh Sheow
  • Vice President: Anna Longstaff
  • Block Captain for El Molino Blvd: Heather Guy
  • Block Captain for Claremont Avenue: Ira West
  • Block Co-Captain for Heather Square: Michelle Ferrone
  • Block Captain for Belvidere: Jeff Muzerolle
  • Newsletter Editor: Matt Seward
  • Social Committee Chair: Tamara Khonke

Congratulations to Chinh Sheow, Anna Longstaff, Matt Seward, Heather Guy, Ira West, Jeff Muzerolle, Michelle Ferrone, and Tamara Khonke on their well-deserved positions! We are confident in their ability to drive positive change, foster community engagement, and lead our neighborhood toward an even brighter future.

A Grateful Community: We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the WSNA Spring Fling. Your presence, participation, and culinary talents made the event truly special. We also want to acknowledge the dedication of our volunteers and the entire WSNA team who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make the day a resounding success.

We invite each and every one of you to actively participate in shaping the future of our neighborhood. Share your ideas, lend a helping hand, and get involved in community initiatives. Together, we can make a lasting impact and create an even more remarkable place to call home.

Join us at upcoming WSNA meetings, volunteer for neighborhood events, or consider running for a position on the WSNA board during future elections. Your voice and involvement matter. Together, let’s continue to nurture our community spirit, foster strong connections, and build a Washington Square that thrives!

The Washington Square Neighborhood Association


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